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When an individual will relocate from one area or state to another, how are they going to get their cars or vehicles to the new place? This has been one of the biggest questions ever asked. There are a number of shipping companies specializing in transporting the vehicles. Below, are some of the relevant questions you may ask in a car shipping company. Generally, these car shipping companies are using a bill of lading form as a record of proof of the said shipment.

How will my car be shipped?

Your car can be transported either by truck, boat, plane or train. It will depend on the new location you will be moving.

How much is it going to charge to ship my car?

Considerations may consist of: carrier type (open or closed), driver’s fee, distance and mileage, car value and condition, taxes and any specific service like vehicle drop off or pick up. In cases you have a custom or collector’s car with a special need or an added value, additional charges may app

How long will it take to ship my car?

This may vary to some factors like the carrier size, distance, route and method of shipment. The time it takes can a variable that can affect the price.

What kind of truck are used to ship?

Open Carries come with the trailers where your cars are visible and are open to weather and other types of conditions. For a carrier that is enclosed, the trucks look like a normal trailer that is covered.

Do I have to be at the house when they pick up my vehicle?

There should someone like a family member to sign for the vehicle, or you may do it yourself.

What do you mean by bill of lading?

This is a bill of lading form that records your vehicle’s condition. Commonly this form comes with the illustration of a car where you have to carefully note the dents, scratches, marks and other damages.

How is their insurance policy being prepared?

You may secure a copy of the insurance policy of the shipping company. Check if there is a liability coverage that will serve as a primary or secondary coverage to your personal insurance. You may inquire your insurance company and check about the level of the coverage they are providing in terms of transportation.

Can I place personal items in my car?

Many companies do not allow such instances for there can be insurance issues involved.

How do I get a vehicle shipping quote?

You may fill out the shipping company quote form online or contact them directly for details.

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